What Is The Mad Challenge? #themadchallenge

What Is The Mad Challenge? #themadchallenge

What is The Mad Challenge.

You might actually be wondering what is The Mad Challenge? What does it involve, why am I doing it and lots of other questions. Well hopefully I can explain it to you now.

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The Mad Challenge is a personal journey of:-

– fitness

– discipline

– commitment

– endurance

– a desire for change

– personal improvement

It is also a way of raising funds for my nominated charity. Yes, not only do I seek to benefit health wise from this, but with your support we can help others too.

To complete The MAD Challenge I have to do the MAD bit. MAD stands for Mile A Day. So I will be trying to run a mile a day, everyday, for at least one month.

Some of you reading this may already be running a mile a day or more. You will be used to some form of exercise and not think it is much of an achievement?

Well from my perspective it will be. I haven’t performed any frequent routine of exercise for more than 2 years. I can’t remember the last time I went for a run.

So I am starting from a very low level of fitness.

It will be a challenge for me as I doubt I could run consistently for a mile as of today. When I begin I will most probably have to combine walking, jogging and running. Hopefully, within a week or so I can sustain a running pace and seek to improve my times.

Maybe at the end of the month I can do the 2 Mile A Day Challenge? 🙂

There’s also another aspect to this, I need a lot of discipline and self motivation. I need to make sure I get out there every single day no matter what the day has been like.

If I want to spend an extra half hour in bed I still need to get up.

If I’ve been travelling all day or have jet lag I still need to go out for that run.

If it is cold, windy or wet out I still need to make myself run that mile.

And if I am unwell, run down or I feel a cold coming on I need to battle on through.


Where did I get the idea for The MAD Challenge?

You are probably wondering how I got the idea for The MAD Challenge?

It started a couple of months ago when I was listening to the radio in my car. There was a news item on about how a school in Scotland had made all the school children run a mile a day for each day they were at school.

After a little while everybody noticed some benefits from this idea.

School children were more alert in class, less tired, performing better in tests, feeling healthy and there was little sign of any overweight children.

Since I could do with losing a little bit of weight and need to get into a fitness routine again this seemed like a great idea.


Please sponsor me

After hearing of such a great activity which even kids can do, I thought that I should give it a go too. You can track my journey on here as I log my progress online.

I’m grateful for any support you can give me, words of encouragement, e-mails and so on. However the most significant thing you can do to motivate me is to sponsor me. No matter how little or large your donation. By seeing people supporting what I do by donating to my nominated charity is the biggest and best reason as to why I should complete this challenge.

I have set up a JustGiving page so that you are assured your donations will go to the charity and I won’t see a penny of it. It is one of the safest ways to raise charitable funds online.

Thanks for your support and I hope that you stick with me as I complete The MAD Challenge!

Thanks for reading. Please support me with comments or sponsoring me for Cancer Research.

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