Day 31 What A Finale To The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

The Mad Challenge for the finale day 31 #themadchallenge

Day 31 of The MAD Challenge and this is it. Yes it is the finale, the final day. This is how I will complete the MAD Challenge.

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Day 5 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 5 The Mad Challenge results #themadchallenge

Day 5 of The MAD Challenge Results

The results from Day 5 of The MAD Challenge reflect an almost Hollywood style run today. It was full of hope, drama and despair. I can only hope for better tomorrow.

As I awoke this morning I admit I probably felt the freshest I have felt yet this month. It is widely claimed that running will help your sleep so maybe I am getting the benefit already?

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Day 4 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

The Mad Challenge Day 4 #themadchallenge

What a difference 24 hours makes. I’ve now just completed Day 4 of The MAD Challenge and the results are showing improvement from the previous 2 days.

You may remember that yesterday when I awoke I really didn’t feel like going out for the run. I felt jaded and my legs ached like crazy. These daily mile workouts are going to push my levels of commitment.

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Day 3 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 3 results for The Mad Challenge

I knew there would be days like this and Day 3 of The MAD Challenge was the first of many.

It truly was a case of mind over matter this morning. As I awoke I felt really tired and it was an effort to get myself up to get out there. Initial thoughts of do I really have to do this spring to mind when you still feel half asleep.

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Day 2 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

The Mad Challenge results for day 2

The results from day 2 showed that I am feeling some effects after day 1. I can already feel the heaviness in my legs as I walk and I guess it will take some time for them to adjust to the new routine. I took an early morning run this time and the weather was … Read more

Thoughts Before I Begin Running A Mile A Day

Thoughts before I begin The Mad Challenge

Well I’m nearly there. In just a few short hours I will begin The MAD Challenge by running a mile a day, every single day for at least one month.

I must admit that there is a little level of apprehension in my mind, I guess that is a good thing.

I’m going from a very low level of fitness to an exercise routine which could stretch me.

Not only do I have to show some mental toughness as I go through the barrier of trying to run each mile, I need to implement some personal discipline too.

I need to make myself go out there everyday.

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What Is The Mad Challenge? #themadchallenge

What is the MAD Challenge

What is The Mad Challenge.

You might actually be wondering what is The Mad Challenge? What does it involve, why am I doing it and lots of other questions. Well hopefully I can explain it to you now.

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