Day 10 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

The Mad Challenge image for day 10 results #themadchallenge

Day 10 of The MAD Challenge is the start of a new working week. And also a third of the way through The MAD Challenge for August!

After yesterday’s awful run, yes it truly was awful at a time of 10.25 minutes I didn’t expect amazing results today.

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Thoughts Before I Begin Running A Mile A Day

Thoughts before I begin The Mad Challenge

Well I’m nearly there. In just a few short hours I will begin The MAD Challenge by running a mile a day, every single day for at least one month.

I must admit that there is a little level of apprehension in my mind, I guess that is a good thing.

I’m going from a very low level of fitness to an exercise routine which could stretch me.

Not only do I have to show some mental toughness as I go through the barrier of trying to run each mile, I need to implement some personal discipline too.

I need to make myself go out there everyday.

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