Day 16 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

The Mad Challenge image for day 16 #themadchallenge

Day 16 of The MAD Challenge only confirmed the extent of my injury. I am still hobbling and there doesn’t feel as though there has been any improvement after resting up overnight.

If I put any weight on my left leg there is clear pain. Even just putting my jeans on this morning revealed how much it hurts.

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Day 15 Of The MAD Challenge – I’m Injured

The Mad Challenge image for day 15

Day 15 of The MAD Challenge and there is no denying it anymore. I am injured and quite badly too.

In recent days I’ve mentioned growing concerns of injuries and they have now clearly hurt me.

I started having concerns earlier in the week with water retention causing fluid around my right ankle. I’ve been treating it in various ways such as eating more bananas, wearing compression socks and taking water retention tablets. This seems to have had a positive impact since the swelling has reduced. However my ankle still feels weak and vulnerable.

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