Running Gear

As part of participating in The MAD Challenge there are a number of items I’ve used to help me along. I detail below the running gear and other things that I use for The MAD Challenge.


Tracking my results

I know quite a few people use running apps to track their progress but I didn’t like this idea. For a start my phone is quite old and unreliable (it randomly switches itself off) and I’m also not keen on having my phone with me when on a run. It might fall out of my pocket or just not record results very well. Hardly ideally suited to running gear.

As a result I did a lot of online research to find a running / fitness watch that would:-

  • Record my time and distance via GPS
  • Help me pace myself
  • Notify me once I completed a distance of a mile
  • Offer a tool to record and track my results online

After my research I was encouraged by the reviews for the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS running watch. There are more than 500 5-star reviews on Amazon. Higher grade models of the Garmin Forerunner are available but this one seemed more than appropriate for my needs.


To track my weight and BMI I use the Salter 9141 WH3R Glass Body Fat Analyser Bathroom Scale


Running gear

Now for the crucial stuff, these are my actual running gear. Whilst I am far from being an experienced runner I did seek advice from a local sport store on appropriate attire for someone at my level. After a detailed discussion and trying out a few items I opted for the following:-

Running shoes – I went for the Karrimor Mens Tempo 3 running shoes


Most running shoes only have a limited life (300 miles is a good estimate) and slight thickness insole. As a result I opted for the Dunlop Perforated Gel Insoles which should reduce the wear of the insoles of my shoes and add protection to the soles of my feet. They should act as great shock absorbers to make my runs more comfortable.

Dunlop Perforated Gel Insoles Mens -
List Price: £6.00
Price: £6.00
You Save: N/A


You may not realise it but having some good running socks as part of your running gear can add a lot to your comfort and reduce sweaty feet and the risk of blisters. I bought a few pairs of the Karrimor mens running socks. These offer a “moisture wicking fabric” and are able to neutralise odours, which keep my feet and trainers fresher smelling.


Video recording

To video record my progress and bring you the vlog I have used a few recording devices.

I mainly use a Kitvision Edge 10 action camera. Although the Go Pro is a very popular camera used by many, I found the Kitvision to be more affordable and includes numerous accessories within the pack as standard, including a waterproof case.

Also, to use the Kitvision Edge 10 I use a head strap mount to record some of my runs.


I edit my videos with the inbuilt iMovie application on my MacBook Air.


Thanks for reading. Please support me with comments or sponsoring me for Cancer Research.

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