Day 5 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 5 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 5 of The MAD Challenge Results

The results from Day 5 of The MAD Challenge reflect an almost Hollywood style run today. It was full of hope, drama and despair. I can only hope for better tomorrow.

As I awoke this morning I admit I probably felt the freshest I have felt yet this month. It is widely claimed that running will help your sleep so maybe I am getting the benefit already?

Like yesterday morning, pre-run I’m no longer suffering stiffness in my legs. Although post run I can still feel them begging for mercy.

Feeling alert and loose from my warm up I was ready for a good run today.

Noting the benefit yesterday of setting visual landmarks as the pointer for switching between running and walking I decided to use the same approach today. Only today I would try to make the distance of the runs a bit longer each time.

I got off to a cracking start, in my mind at least. I didn’t push myself to an abnormally fast pace but I did push myself to run further in my first sequence than before. I covered the first ¼ mile in 2 mins 10 seconds.

This was looking good. I already had a 20 second cushion on the 10 minute mile at this pace. Enough space, so I thought to recover with walks between runs.

Noting the visual landmarks from prior runs I tried to keep my walks shorter and my runs longer. I haven’t counted my walking segments in each run but I guess I did less of them today.

At 0.6 mile my cushion of 20 seconds had decreased a bit. I was still looking at maybe 9-10 seconds so I thought I was doing okay. I was even contemplating a slight happy dance at the end (I don’t think I’ve ever done a happy dance – that wouldn’t look good.)

However by 0.8 mile my pace had clearly slowed. I think it was 8 mins and 1 second by the time I hit that point.

Whilst I’d really pushed myself everyday, I was really going for it today. I thought there is only one way to try and crack this 10 minute marker and that was to run the final 0.2 miles. So I did.

I pushed through that final stretch. Clearly I can start to sustain slightly longer running segments but my pace isn’t quite picking up just yet.

I glanced at my watch and saw the 10 minute mark pass me by as I approached the end. Finishing at 10 minutes 6.6 seconds was a disappointing end when I started so well.

Day 5 running time on The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

I guess I don’t quite know my pace just yet to time it right.

Day 5 results for The MAD Challenge

Results from Day 5 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

I know elite athletes are dedicated to shading split seconds off their times. However as a novice to this running I am realising how even at such a low level of fitness it is far from a given that easy gains are made quickly.


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