Day 4 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 4 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

What a difference 24 hours makes. I’ve now just completed Day 4 of The MAD Challenge and the results are showing improvement from the previous 2 days.

You may remember that yesterday when I awoke I really didn’t feel like going out for the run. I felt jaded and my legs ached like crazy. These daily mile workouts are going to push my levels of commitment.

This morning, whilst getting up is never a completely joyous experience, I didn’t have the same aches in my legs today. They felt more nimble and free. As a result the warm up exercises were more as a precaution than a true loosening up of muscles.

The weather outside was also in my mind more favourable. Whilst it was a bright morning it was a fair bit cooler than yesterday and the morning breeze was very refreshing. For me at least it felt like perfect conditions to run.

Today I approached the run a little bit different again. I’m still mixing things up to find out what works for me.

Firstly, instead of breaking up my running and walking segments by times on the clock I broke them up this time by visual landmarks. It was a corner, a lamp-post, post box or some visual object that I would run to before changing my pace.

I also was advised by a friend who has been running for a few years that I should vary my route, this will avoid boredom and keep me motivated for longer.

I’ve read about this in various books on running so knew it was good advice. I am aware though that with my travel plans this month I will be running in various locations. Anyway, I still mixed things up a little bit and changed the last leg (pun unintended) of today’s run. I think the difference in elevation was not too significant to affect my run, it certainly didn’t feel that way anyway.

So how did the run on Day 4 of The MAD Challenge go?

I’m now targeting to beat the elusive 10 minute mile and today was going to be a good push for that. Only yesterday someone predicted I would make it today.

Well early on my pace looked promising. Right up until 0.8 mile I seemed to be just on course to crack that target. However I just wasn’t able to quite maintain that pace. I missed the target by 8.8 seconds, so it is getting closer. Clearly this performance isn’t quite as good as Day 1, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.

I ran 10.088 mins on Day 4 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

I’m still not sure when I’ll break that 10 minute mile but I’m really hoping it will be this week. Please leave a prediction in the comments section below as to which day you think I’ll run a sub 10 minute mile.

Day 4 results of The MAD Challenge

Results from Day 4 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

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