Day 3 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 3 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

I knew there would be days like this and Day 3 of The MAD Challenge was the first of many.

It truly was a case of mind over matter this morning. As I awoke I felt really tired and it was an effort to get myself up to get out there. Initial thoughts of do I really have to do this spring to mind when you still feel half asleep.

As I am only into Day 3 my body is still in shock mode. My legs felt (and still do) really heavy this morning and I was aching. This was before my pre-run stretches. I guess it could take a week or so for my body to adjust.

It also felt warm this morning. Overnight it hadn’t really cooled off and I was in need of plenty of water before my run, more than normal. Of course it is good advice to hydrate before and after a run. Take water during a run as well if it is a long run.

Once I was out in the fresh air, the concerns start to ease a little. I was greeted by a bright morning with the moon clear in the sky behind me, whilst the sun rose, breaking through the clouds in spectacular fashion this morning. A sight like this is a clear perk of outside running.

After yesterday’s experiment of 1.5 minutes running v 1 minute walking seemed to not go as well as I thought I tried to revert back to a minute of each today (1 minute runs followed by 1 minute walks).

At first my pace seemed to be quite good. As I checked my GPS running watch I was clearly within the 10 minute mile mark. Could I really crack that today?

As it turns out it was not to be. I was soon fading.

Whilst it is no surprise, the one thing I’ve learnt so far from The MAD Challenge is how unfit I really am. Today’s run revealed that.

I was tiring quicker than I hoped and I really need to work on my breathing technique. I think I need to read up a little bit more on this.

As that elusive 10 minutes passed me by I still have to be happy with my result. I showed a significant improvement from yesterday, even though today’s run felt more difficult.

On completing the run my watch revealed a time of 10 minutes 12.6 seconds.

As I’m finding out, once I load up my times from the watch to Garmin Connect the seconds are rounded up (this will explain my confusion on the result with Day 1). So my watch says 10 mins 12.6 secs whilst Garmin Connect says 10 mins 13 secs. There’s not much in it but I prefer the former time 😉

The actual time recorded by my GPS Garmin watch

So after today I’m left with 2 thoughts:

1. When will my legs and body stop aching so much? How long before the shock of this change in exercise routine is accepted by my body?

2. When will I break that 10 minute mile? I’m hoping it will be by the end of week 1. Fingers crossed.

Day 3 Results From The MAD Challenge

Day 3 results of The MAD Challenge

The MAD Challenge results on Day 3



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