Day 28 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 28 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 28 of The MAD Challenge is officially my last day in London. I was expecting a difficult morning after a late night out in Covent Garden. Surprisingly though I didn’t feel too bad on arising this morning. (Note to self, need to drink more beer!)

Today was another dry and fresh morning. This meant that it was a real pleasant time to walk a mile a day in spite of my yawns.

I did remember to take my ibuprofen prior to my walk this morning. I mention this because I am now frequently forgetting to take it. I think this as a good sign because it seems to be longer and longer time periods before I feel my hip injury. The recovery continues and I hope to be clear of it soon.

Today’s walk was uneventful. On my last morning here I was hoping for one final glimpse of pyjama lady but it wasn’t to be. I wonder if she slept in?

I have limited time this morning. With the need to pack then check out it didn’t help to complete my walk and find the hotel door was still locked. Normally some one from the hotel staff is sitting at the reception desk but he’d vanished this morning. After a few knocks on the door I was finally let in.

Overall I’m encouraged by my times from walking a mile a day each day this week. They are close to the 15 minute mile mark which is not too dissimilar to my pre-injury walking pace.

Results for Day 28 of The MAD Challenge

Day 28 time result #themadchallenge

TheMADChallenge route on Day 28

My pace of walking a mile a day on Day 28

My speed on Day 28 of The MAD Challenge


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