Day 27 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 27 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 27 of The MAD Challenge was better than Day 26 from the very start. Whilst the ground was wet outside it wasn’t raining. The air was fresh, the sun was soon to rise but I was dry.

Today was a very uneventful mile to cover. There was no free entertainment viewing, unless watching the numerous planes coming into land at Heathrow count?

There was even no sighting of pyjama lady and her dogs. I suspect her pyjamas are still in the wash after yesterday’s sodden venture.

The water retention in my right leg remains an issue. It tends to build up during the day and is quite bad during the evening. It is even causing my lower leg to swell somewhat.

However, after a sleep and some water retention tablets it is notably improved in the mornings.

My mile a day times are now showing considerable improvement. I’m not hobbling anymore and seem to have a more natural motion.

My left side hip injury is not as bad as it used to be. I still feel the odd twinge to remind me it is still there, however the recovery is encouraging.

I don’t feel as though it is ready for a run yet. This is obviously a frustration as I now have only 4 days left of The MAD Challenge. I’ll keep assessing it day by day and see if it feels ready for a run.

I do wonder what level of fitness I’ve lost since I was unable to run. What I’ve gained in the first 2 weeks I’ve probably lost now. Also the benefits of running, including weight loss are something I’ll never know directly from this month.

Results for Day 27 of The MAD Challenge

Day 27 time on The MAD Challenge

Day 27 route on The MAD Challenge

Day 27 pace on The MAD Challenge

My speed on Day 27 of The MAD Challenge



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