Day 26 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 26 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 26 of The MAD Challenge and I guess my luck has run out. Until now, apart from Day 1, every mile I have covered has been in dry conditions. Not today.

As I’ve explained in earlier days, rain is forecast all week here in London and it has certainly been raining. Thankfully on Monday and Tuesday my mile a day outings have been just before the downpours.

When I awoke I looked out of my hotel room window to pitch blackness. I could see rain drops on the window but they were still. They weren’t been added to.

There were also no lights in my view to help me see if rain was falling. By the time I made it downstairs and outside it most definitely was. Absolutely chucking it down.

Ah well, rain or shine as they say.

I did however have other issues to contend with.

You may recall in week 2 of The MAD Challenge I had a problem with water retention. A lot of fluid was building up around my right ankle and causing swelling.

Well it is back again.

My swollen right foot this morning from water retention
My swollen right foot this morning from water retention

Last time the water retention was a precursor to my hip injury, which thankfully is still improving each day.

I began taking water retention tablets a couple of weeks ago and that certainly had seemed to ease the problem. So much so that this week I had eased up on taking them.

Well I’m back on them now and hope the swelling goes away. In fact, last night my ankle was swollen more than I’ve seen before (without injury). Sleeping over night and a couple of these pills has now helped to ease that somewhat.

Whilst the swollen ankle feels strange it is not painful. I just have be wary of it and careful when putting on footwear.

The mile a day today was surprisingly quicker than it felt to complete. The rain and accompanying wind didn’t make it an enjoyable venture. I certainly returned to my hotel very sodden.

Dog walking pyjama lady was out again. She was wearing a coat this time, I guess due to the rain. I do however hope she changes her pyjama bottoms by tomorrow because they’ll be sodden now.

I didn’t see any domestics at bus stops today, unlike yesterday. I did however see a dog walker at 5:30 this morning drinking from a large can of lager. What is it with these Londoners? Is drinking before breakfast time a normal routine?

Day 26 results for The MAD Challenge

My route on Day 26 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Time on Day 26 of The MAD Challenge

Pace on Day 26

Speed on Day 26 of The MAD Challenge


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