Day 24 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 24 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 24 of The MAD Challenge begins in west London. I’m down here for the week so have to become accustomed to my new environment.

Weather predictions are for heavy rain for most of the week, which doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

So far, there has only been Day 1 when I have had heavy rain to contend with, otherwise it has been dry all the way through.

When I awoke early this morning it was still dark outside. I checked out of the window and it was still dry outside.

Just my luck though. Literally within 2 minutes of going outside it did begin to rain. Thankfully it was light and never turned into a full shower.

Early as it was in the morning there were still quite a few people about. It is not quite as tranquil as at home.

I even saw a woman out walking here dogs whilst still wearing her pyjamas. It really baffles me how people feel comfortable going outside without day clothes on.

I’m still feeling the effects of my hip injury so I have to keep taking the pain killers. It is still not possible for me to run a mile a day so I’m still walking.

Added to this frustration is that before I came here I’d identified a little park nearby which I could use for my miles. It turns out to be a little smaller than I expected. However a couple of laps and I’m about there in terms of covering the mile.

The ibuprofen helped ease the discomfort from my hip, yet I’m still not walking in a normal posture. I even suffered some shin splints in my right leg this morning due to my posture.

A real positive this morning was that there was a red sky in the morning. It was so picturesque that I was busy admiring the view that I missed the beep from my running watch to tell me that I’d completed my mile. I actually covered 1.04 miles before pressing the stop button. Hence I have to identify the minutes per mile on the time shown from my watch.

Results for Day 24 of The MAD Challenge

Day 24 time for a mile #themadchallenge

My route on Day 24 of The MAD Challenge

My pace on Day 24 of The MAD Challenge

My speed on Day 24 of The MAD Challenge

Well there is just one week left of the official MAD Challenge. Times are now improving and my hip injury is slowly healing. Not sure when I’ll be running again but hopefully soon.

I’ve also now raised £300 so far for Cancer Research UK. Many thanks to all those who have donated.

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