Day 22 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 22 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 22 of The MAD Challenge and I am home again after my exploits in Norway.

The journey back involved 2 flights. This in itself is not so bad yet both flights involved me having to walk up and down long flights of stairs for each plane. One section involved a long walk down one set of stairs then an immediate walk up another set into the terminal. All whilst carrying luggage too.

This proved to me that going up and down stairs is the most painful stress for my hip injury. Carrying items of luggage makes it worse. I’d end up sat on the plane clutching my side as it ached far more than any other time of day.

Thankfully I’m home now and don’t have to contend with aeroplanes for a few weeks. Climbing stairs however is likely to crop up now and again.

I have however made some progress in relieving the discomfort. Last night I gained first access to some ibuprofen. Not only is it a pain reliever but my wife advised me that it helps to reduce swelling on injuries.

After taking some ibuprofen last night I woke up this morning feeling more comfortable than I have for a few days. It certainly doesn’t hurt as much although it is far from healed.

I completed my weigh in for the week. Unsurprisingly I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve gained a bit. I was a lot more active a week ago than I’ve been this week. Also due to my sore hip I’ve been more sedate during the day too. So burning fewer calories over the last few days is not going to help me lose weight.

You can see all my weigh in results here.

As for walking a mile today. It was certainly easier to move around. I’m still not able to walk normally and today I even triggered some shin splints in my right leg. However I was quicker than recent days. Notably quicker.

Results from Day 22 of The MAD Challenge

My time on Day 22 of The MAD Challenge

My route on Day 22 of The MAD Challenge

My pace on Day 22 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

My speed on Day 22 of The MAD Challenge

I still think that I’ll struggle to be running by the 31st August but I can live in hope.

I’ve now raised £290 of my £500 target for Cancer Research UK.

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