Day 20 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 20 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

On Day 20 of The MAD Challenge the first word that springs to my mind is “Ouch”. Yes, “Ouch” is definitely my word of the day.

When I woke up my left knee (that is the leg with the hip injury) felt quite stiff. I immediately wondered if my current walking technique, to overcome my injury, was potentially triggering new injuries such as in my knee.

Thankfully I soon managed to loosen up the knee with a few twists and stretches. Yet I now remain more aware of how much I need to try to bend that knee as naturally as possible.

It was another bright and early start. Apart from seeing some flight crew leaving the hotel I didn’t come across anybody else other than a dog walker with his two little pooches.

I really enjoy the stillness of being out and about so early in the mornings. It is like a karma. A very still and soothing experience.

The walk itself (since I still can’t run a mile a day) was another painful session. I don’t really feel any improvement or deterioration in my condition. As the walk progressed I could feel myself slowing.

The pain in my joints makes me try slightly different movements to keep going. I do sometimes feel like I’m veering to the left on the pavement and often have to direct myself back to the centre.

Time for Day 20 of The MAD Challenge

Day 20 time on The MAD Challenge

At first I just accepted the time. My walks just seem to be a blur of pain at the moment so I struggle to distinguish between good and bad ones. Yet looking at the time on this one, I think it is my slowest one yet.

Walking circuit for Day 20 of The MAD Challenge

My speed on Day 20 of The MAD Challenge

Day 20 of The MAD Challenge pace

Ah well, 11 more days of The MAD Challenge to go before I can rest.

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