Day 2 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

Day 2 Of The MAD Challenge Results #themadchallenge

The results from day 2 showed that I am feeling some effects after day 1.

I can already feel the heaviness in my legs as I walk and I guess it will take some time for them to adjust to the new routine.

I took an early morning run this time and the weather was a lot more pleasant. My time in running a mile was however more than half a minute slower.

Whilst yesterday I walked for a minute, ran for a minute, walked for a minute and so on, I tried it differently today.

I began running for a minute and a half then walking for a minute. I repeated this throughout yet my pace was clearly a little bit slower.

Here are my results from day 2 of The MAD Challenge

Day 2 results of The MAD Challenge

Day 2 of The MAD Challenge results and pace

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