Day 19 And What Is Cross Training For Runners? #themadchallenge

Day 19 And What Is Cross Training For Runners? #themadchallenge

As I begin Day 19 of The MAD Challenge I awoke with the effects of my first proper experience of cross training. However cross training for runners with an injury is maybe not a good idea. As I found out.

As I’ve researched online for advice on how to become a runner I’ve seen two messages shine through. They are:-

1. Have rest days

2. Cross train

In terms of The MAD Challenge, point 1 goes out of the window. The MAD Challenge is about covering a mile a day, every single day in a month. Even though I have a very painful injury I’m trying to achieve this.

Yet what of point 2?

What is cross training for runners?

So what is cross training? After some very quick online research I found out that cross training is where runners take part in other forms of exercise or workout whilst undergoing a running program. It is a cross over to some other form of exercise to compliment the running.

If you stick to the same exercise style all the time then your body becomes accustomed to it and the impact is reduced. However if you mix up exercise routines your body is never quite sure what to expect.

Other benefits of cross training include it being good for working different muscle groups, building strength and avoiding injury.

Cross training for runners could involve a whole host of activities. This can include football, rugby, a racket sport such as tennis or squash, boxing, swimming, interval training (like Insanity), yoga or a martial art. When you think about it the list is extensive.

However I do however have an injury so a lot of these are not options for me.

Yet on looking online for the type of injury I have (a hip injury) the actual type of pain I am suffering could be caused by a whole host of things and it is not easy to self diagnose.

However most advice included swimming as a form of rehabilitation so I thought that I’d give that a try.

I’m currently in Norway so things aren’t cheap anyway. Can you believe it though, even with a discount because I was staying in the neighbouring hotel, it cost me over £10 to go for a swim last night!

Even still I thought it was worth trying considering the amount of discomfort my hip injury was causing me.

I was in the swimming pool for around 45 minutes doing my customary breast stroke. I’ve never been a quick swimmer anyway but I was even slower this time.

Whilst I could feel the aches in my left side it was tolerable, until I got out of the pool.

Then when I awoke this morning the pain was noticeably there again. I wonder if the recommendation of swimming as a way to aid recovery was not appropriate for me.

Day 19 result of The MAD Challenge

I was up early again to walk a mile today. In spite of the early joint pain I was optimistic of a good outing.

I soon realised though that if anything, my pain was worse than ever before. Yes even more painful than Saturday when things really flared up.

Numerous times during this walk the pain was such that I felt like stopping for a break.

Then I remembered people like Jane Tomlinson and Steve Prescott. Pain didn’t stop them. They battled through and had a very personal crusade against cancer.

They were inspirational people.

Whilst thankfully, I don’t have cancer, I still want to find a cure. Hence one of the reasons for doing The MAD Challenge where you can sponsor me for cancer research.

I ploughed on through the walk.

The frustration of not being able to run is really coming to the fore now. It frustrates me like crazy. Plus the pain when I walked a reasonable distance today makes me wonder if I’ll be able to run again at all during this month of August. I’m very concerned that I may not be able to 🙁

Even still I pushed on.

My time to walk a mile or should that be hobble on The MAD Challenge - what is cross training for runners

My time is not fabulous but I did it. I made the mile.

One mile route around Kristiansand on The MAD Challenge - what is cross training for runners

The pain today is probably the worst I’ve experienced yet. I do wonder if even my walking is aggravating the injury more than I can tolerate for a quick recovery?

My pace on Day 19 of The MAD Challenge - what is cross training for runners

Speed on Day 19 of The MAD Challenge - what is cross training for runners

Either way, that is something I can address through rest on 1st September.


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