Day 18 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 18 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

I said yesterday that as I now complete The MAD Challenge it is more about the speed of my recovery rather than the time I can cover a mile. This really came to the fore today, in Day 18 of The MAD Challenge.

Awaking early yet again I was looking to complete a lovely walk by the marina of Kristiansand just as the sun rises. The streets are virtually empty and the place is just idyllic. It even has some sand sculptures!

When I awoke the first thing to cross my mind was how has my injury improved from last night?

By yesterday evening I was sensing the healing process was underway. Yet this morning as I hobbled out of my room there was little to fill me with hope.

Beginning my walk with a slightly downhill stretch made for a more comfortable start. Then a dust track like walk for virtually half of the journey.

Although the dirt track is maybe more gentle than the pavement in terms of impact, the surface can be uneven and I have to be careful where I place my feet.

Whilst I felt I was going at a reasonable pace compared to yesterday, my hip was clearly playing up. It certainly sent me a few warning messages that it wanted me to go gently.

Somehow the mile seemed a little longer than yesterday. The end point felt further on. Maybe it is just my mind playing tricks on me as I hobble to the end?

Result for Day 18 of The MAD Challenge

As times go this was slow, very slow for me. I think it is the slowest that I’ve ever walked since I got my Garmin running watch.

My time on Day 18 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Whilst I shouldn’t be too bothered about the times at the moment I do hope it is also not a reflection of a set back in my recovery.

Route of Day 18 of The MAD Challenge

Pace of walking a mile a day on Day 18 of The MAD Challenge

My speed to walk a mile on Day 18 of The MAD Challenge

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