Day 17 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 17 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 17 of The MAD Challenge and I’m more than half way there! Yes, I am beyond the half way mark of 31 days consecutively covering a mile a day. Also thanks to 2 recent sponsors I’ve now raised over 50% of my fundraising target!

Yes, I have now raised £280 of my initial £500 target. Thanks to everybody who has sponsored me. Please help me smash my target by sponsoring me too 🙂

As many of you know I am injured, how badly injured I don’t really know. However I am still determined to complete this challenge and I was up early this morning to cover my mile.

Since I am currently away from home (I’m now in Norway) I don’t have enough time to write my updates in the morning. So if you see a few evening updates I hope that you understand.

I knew I had an early pick up to go to work this morning, plus a limited time window for breakfast. So I was up shortly after 5am so I could fit my mile in.

I still feel the injury to my left side hip as being very prominent. Painful in fact. Dare I say it there is a marginal and I mean a very marginal, improvement. I don’t know how long it will take to heal but maybe it will be a little bit quicker than I thought yesterday.

My right ankle is improving everyday and is less of a concern.

When I went out this morning it was barely day break. It was however glorious and the streets were almost empty. Perfect.

Day 17 route of The MAD Challenge in Norway #themadchallenge

I am still not in a position to walk with a natural motion. I still hobble along which means I am slower than normal speed. Running is still very much out of the question. Walking is challenging enough.

I took the same route as yesterday which is a nice, straight forward route from and to my hotel.

The setting is wonderful and hopefully I’ll make a video of the route before I leave.

I do feel quite frustrated though since prior to coming here I was looking forward to running this route. I still think the chances are unlikely.

On the positive side I did complete the route in time for breakfast!

My Garmin watch reveals my time for a mile a day on Day 17 of The MAD Challenge

My time is a little bit quicker than yesterday. That may be a positive for some. However for me I want to focus more on the speed of my recovery than the speed of my walking times. (As I write this now on Monday evening I feel as though I’ve healed a little more than how I felt this morning.)

My pace on Day 17 of The MAD Challenge walking a mile a day

My speed on Day 17 of The MAD Challenge

I’m excited to be past the half way stage of The MAD Challenge and wonder what may lie beyond. My initial challenging aspirations of maybe a 5k before the end of September are now, I feel unrealistic. This injury has paid to that.

However, I am more than half way with my fund raising. With the generosity of friends I will hopefully be able to raise and beat my target.

Thanks for reading and supporting me.

Thanks for reading. Please support me with comments or sponsoring me for Cancer Research.

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