Day 16 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 16 Results Of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

Day 16 of The MAD Challenge only confirmed the extent of my injury. I am still hobbling and there doesn’t feel as though there has been any improvement after resting up overnight.

If I put any weight on my left leg there is clear pain. Even just putting my jeans on this morning revealed how much it hurts.

I always said that the only thing stopping me from completing The MAD Challenge would be an injury. Well I’m trying to prove that theory wrong!

People may say that I really am mad to carry on but I made a commitment to myself and to all those who sponsored me. I’m not giving up yet.

I already surprise myself because even though I haven’t been running all that long I want to get out there and run again. Even this morning whilst on the way to the airport, there were a lot of runners on the Humber Bridge at 4:45am! A crazy time to be out running I know. However many had numbers on so I guess it might have been a pre-race warm up?

As for me, well the early morning start meant that I couldn’t really venture out first thing.

However now that I’ve arrived in Norway I decided to take my chances whilst there is a break in the rain.

I’d pre-planned a route using Map My Run and was really looking forward to running in Norway. Yet now that I’m injured, I don’t know when I’ll be able to run again. I can’t walk normally so I’ve no chance running.

Yesterday I was hoping that I maybe back jogging in a week or so. However my thoughts today are that it could take longer.

Also with my travels over this and next week, there is no time to see a doctor. So I’ve no idea how bad the injury really is.

Added to the fact I still have some swelling with my right ankle, although water retention treatment is helping, I have a lot to contend with.

As a result of all this, for now I have to walk, or rather hobble.

As it turns out my route was very picturesque, beside the sea. There are some lovely views if it wasn’t for the rain clouds.

My route on Day 16 of The MAD Challenge

There were even a few joggers taking advantage of the route just to add to my envy.

Prior to commencing The MAD Challenge I’d performed a few mile walks. This was partly to get used to the distance and how to use my Garmin runners watch. At that point my walking time was around 15 minutes a mile, sometimes below 15 minutes.

My result on Day 16 of The MAD Challenge

Day 16 result of The MAD Challenge themadchallenge

Well, today I think I can put into context the scale of this injury setback. I walked a relatively straightforward route in 17 minutes 33.9 seconds. I used 83 calories in total.

My pace on Day 16 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

My walking speed on Day 16 of The MAD Challenge themadchallenge

I’m glad that I managed the mile. I guess I have to be really. I have to walk everyday irrespective of whether I do this challenge or not. Stairs are probably the biggest challenge for me due to weight distribution.

I just hope that by walking I am not aggravating the injury too much or delaying my recovery.

I want to be back running again soon but I also want to complete The MAD Challenge.


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