Day 15 Of The MAD Challenge – I’m Injured

Day 15 Of The MAD Challenge – I’m Injured

Day 15 of The MAD Challenge and there is no denying it anymore. I am injured and quite badly too.

In recent days I’ve mentioned growing concerns of injuries and they have now clearly hurt me.

I started having concerns earlier in the week with water retention causing fluid around my right ankle. I’ve been treating it in various ways such as eating more bananas, wearing compression socks and taking water retention tablets. This seems to have had a positive impact since the swelling has reduced. However my ankle still feels weak and vulnerable.

However my injury of main concern is where my left leg joins my hip. It began hurting a few days ago. I wonder if this is through subconsciously overcompensating for my right ankle?

I’ve been feeling it more and more and yesterday I was starting to really struggle with it. I was noticeably hobbling whilst walking sometimes. It became worse as the day went on.

Last night I had a long, relaxing bath to ease my muscles to see if it would help me feel better. It was helpful but only a little.

Day 15 of The MAD Challenge – what happened?

When I awoke this morning I was still conscious of my injuries, however they’d eased a little.

I was comfortable enough shooting my weigh in video and able to do a variety of warm up exercises in the house.

I’d decided to return to my original running route of Day 1 as a way to mix up my runs and away from what I’ve been doing this week.

Route of Day 15 of The MAD Challenge

Prior to beginning the run I performed a little warm up jog. It was immediately clear that my injuries were there. I wasn’t running naturally, limping almost. My left side most of all was uncomfortable with the impact from running.

The pains ebbed and flowed. As it eased a little I gained hope that I could get through this. Then a pain would return and doubts would reappear.

I knew this was going to be a slow day, it had to be because I wasn’t at my peak.

So I began my run nice and steady. Yet it wasn’t right, it just didn’t feel comfortable or natural at all. The pain just built and built.

My pace on Day 15 of The MAD Challenge #themadchallenge

I made half a mile of running before stopping to walk. There wasn’t a chance I’d be running a mile a day today.

My walking was also unnatural and a lot slower than normal.

Speed on Day 15 of The MAD Challenge

Any weight on my left side meant shots of pain to my hip.

By running everyday I’d made my early signs of injury worse. A lot worse.

From all the reading I’ve done about running, the idea of rest days is emphasised. Well to do The MAD Challenge there are no rest days. The idea is to cover a mile a day, everyday for a month.

The MAD Challenge Day 15 results with an injury

If I was not doing The MAD Challenge then I would have taken a rest about 3 days ago at the first sign of injury. I wouldn’t have taken the risk.

Is this the end of The MAD Challenge?

I certainly hope not. Failure is not an option, or at least not now it isn’t.

The MAD Challenge means “The Mile A Day Challenge”. I’ve taken that until now to mean running a mile a day. Well clearly running is not something I can do now. So I plan to at least walk a mile a day, everyday until I feel able to run again.

Admittedly walking is challenging for me at the moment since it puts weight on the left leg. However I want to give it a go and see how I do.

I want to see out The MAD Challenge to its completion. I want to be running again at least by the last day of August. I want to finish strongly.

I also want to repay the faith of the people who have sponsored me so far. I’m still only on £240 raised but I want to raise a lot more. Please support me.

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I’m going to Norway tomorrow. This was going to be an exciting change for me. A chance to try a different running route in a foreign country. I guess I’ll have to take it steady. See if I can walk a mile a day whilst I’m there. Let my body recover from these injuries and get running again.


Thanks for reading. Please support me with comments or sponsoring me for Cancer Research.

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